BNTU Branch Borisov State Polytechnic College is a modern educational institution. Highly-qualified teachers use advanced methods of teaching and effective educational technology. Its material and educational base lets the college compete successfully with vocational schools. It occupies a decent place in the continuous professional education system in the Republic of Belarus.

In 2017 BSPC underwent independent external audit and was awarded Certificate of Conformance to Quality Management System ISO 9001-2015.

Students are offered day-time and distant education at their option. They are trained to have the following professions:

Specialty (Specialization) Qualification Worker’s Professions Special Training,

Improvement of Qualifications

2-38 01 31

“Manufacture, Maintenance and Operation of Devices and Apparatus”

Specialization “Maintenance and Operation of Electric and Electronic Equipment”

electro mechanical technician —         Radio electronic equipment assembler

—         Measuring and control equipment and automation assembler

—         Automatic control equipment  assembler

—         Electronic equipment electrician

Basic OS Windows MS Office
2-53 01 06

“Industrial Robots and Robotics Complexes”

electro mechanical technician —         Controlling and measuring apparatus and automatic systems technician

—         Radio-electronic equipment installer

—         Electrician-mechanic

—         Automated and semi-automated assembly line and devices operator

—         CNC machine-tool operator

—         Electrical equipment maintenance and repair electrician

2-36 01 01

“Machine building Technology”

Specialization “Computer Aided Manufacture Technology

technician —         Turner

—         Milling machine operator

—         Multiprofile Machinist

—         CNC machine operator

2-43 01 05

“Industrial Thermotechnics”

Specialization “Operation of Thermo technical and Heating Equipment”


thermal technician- technician —         Repair of boiler and dust-preparation shop equipment fitter

—         Repair and operation of gas equipment fitter

—         Chemical water purification operator

—         Boiler operator

—         Maintenance and repair of ventilation and air conditioning system fitter

—         Drying equipment operator

—         Central heating system operator

—         Boiler operator

—         Boiler machinist (stoker)

—         Chemical water purification operator

2-70 02 01

“Industrial Construction and Civil Engineering”

construction technician —         Carpenter

—         Concrete worker

—         Bricklayer

—         Plasterer

—         Housepainter

—         Tiler

2-36 01 06

“Automobile Maintenance”



mechanic- technician —         Automobile repairer

—         Category “B” driver

2-37 01 02

“Automotive Industry”

Specialization “Automotive Industry (Mechanics)


Technician —         Turner

—         Miller

—         Assembly fitter

—         Repair fitter

2-56 02 01


Specialization “Geodesy in Construction”

“Cadastre Geodetic Support ”

geodesist- technician —         Geodetic, mapping and mine surveyor
2-27 01 31

“Economics, Manufacture planning and Organization”




—         Entrepreneur — Entrepreneurship
2-25 01 35

“Accounting and Auditing”


The graduates have an opportunity to continue their professional education at university short-term course. They are in demand at the labour market.

The students are involved in extracurricular activities, they take part at scientific societies, subject Olympiads and contests.

The college driver’s school train category “B” drivers.

Students are provided with hostels on demand.

Address: 68 Gagarin St, Borisov  222511 Minsk reg. Belarus

Tel. (8-0177) 74 28 38 (Admission Board), 74 46 36, 74 49 66

Fax: (8-0177) 74 49 66